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A Comprehensive Home Visit is needed for more complicated issues like aggression, severe nervousness or multiple behaviour issues. This consists of a first visit of about 2 hours, then a follow-up session and a written report. Depending on the behaviour problem, more than one follow-up session is sometimes necessary.


This training can also be provided online via Zoom. However, this obviously does not include any practical training on walks as such, but can be very helpful to help understand what and why it's happening and to start addressing those issues.



PUPPY HOME VISIT A Puppy Home Visit lasts approximately 2 hours and takes place in your home or online via Zoom. A Puppy Home Visit session is ideal for owners who are not sure how to train and take care of their new puppy or simply to get some advice whilst waiting for Puppy Classes.

A Puppy Home Visit covers the following areas: house training, play biting, chewing, socialisation, basic obedience training and handling, general care and answering any questions you might have.


PUPPY 1-2-1 PACKAGE This package includes the Puppy Home Visit as above but then adds 4 1-2-1 training sessions (1 hour each) where basic obedience and handling is covered more extensively both in your home and on your walks.



1-2-1 Training takes place in your home or where you normally walk, or alternatively online via Zoom.


Most behaviour and training issues can be covered including obedience and control issues like recall problems, pulling on the lead, chasing bikes, joggers or cars, lack of focus and similar issues as well as separation anxiety, house training etc.


A first session is generally up to 2 hours, any follow-up sessions (if needed) up to an hour.  


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AREAS WE COVER for Home Visits and 121 Training

Diss, Roydon, Harlston, Wortham, Bressingham, Fersfield, South and North Lopham, Banham, Kenninghall, Old Buckenham, New Buckenham, East Harling, Larling, Bridgham, Snetterton, Wretham, Croxton, Watton, Attleborough, Little Ellingham, Thetford, Mundford, Rushton, Garboldisham, Hopton, Blo' Norton, Barningham, Market Weston, Stanton, Hepworth, Hinderclay, Redgrave, Rickinghall, Gislingham, Eye, Brome, Yaxley, Ellis, Hoxne, Stuston, Norton and more.  


If you live outside these areas (e.g. Stowmarket, Bury St. Edmunds), please still contact us as we may be able to help or can refer you to a different behaviourist.


Online via Zoom, we cover all areas in the UK!

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