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For dogs from 5 months old (at the start of the course) up to any age.


Training your dog starts on the day you adopt him and you can continue to teach him all the things you want him to know throughout his life. Most dogs appreciate or need the mental stimulation and enjoy regular training sessions (at home and in classes) even once they know all the basics.




These are for dogs that have graduated from our Foundation (and Improvers) Courses and include various levels of ability.


* Improvers Course

* Junior

* Advanced

* Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards

* Agility

* Hoopers

* Oldies Group



All breeds and crossbreeds are welcome! We even have experience with deaf and blind puppies and dogs. We keep our classes small to give each owner and dog the time and attention they need to make good progress. We only use kind and positive training methods, and do not allow the use of check chains, prong/pinch collars, e-collars and similar!

* 7-week courses (one 2-hour introduction session without dog and then six 45-minute sessions with dog)


* Basic obedience and handling (sit, down, stand, recall, stay, walking nicely, body examination etc)


* Controlled and supervised socialisation with other puppies/dogs and with people (and the option to take part in  

 organised group walks with other members for additional socialisation)


* Discussion of issues like house training, play biting, chewing etc.


* You can ask questions at any time about any training or dog related issues you have


* The cost for the 7-week course is £85 (payment options of BACS, PayPal or cheque)


(Foundation Courses are not suitable for dogs with aggression issues, please see Individual Training)

Puppy Foundation and Foundation Courses in Blo' Norton (Diss) and Wretham (Thetford)

Blo' Norton (Diss):


Wednesday, 4th March 2020, 6.30 pm



Wretham (Thetford):


Friday, 31st January 2020, 6.30 pm




For puppies from 10 - 20 weeks old (at the start of the course).


Puppy training starts on the day you adopt your puppy. The first few weeks in your home will have a lasting and deep impact on your puppy's behaviour as an adult.



Blo' Norton (Diss):


Wednesday, 4th March 2020, 7.30 pm



Wretham (Thetford):


Friday, 31st January 2020, 6.30 pm

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