East Anglia


Our Online/Telephone Support sessions shouldn't normally replace 1-2-1 sessions, home visits or classes. However, there may be situations where you are just too far away from our location, or any of the other options aren't suitable for you for one reason or other. Or - you would simply like a headstart before starting actual hands-on training with us in your home or in our classes.


So we are offering a distance learning solution, which is conducted by Skype or Telephone, at a time that suits you (which can be out of normal office hours too). We will only cover certain areas of dog training and behaviour via distance learning, as some issues are just not suitable for this type of session; e.g. aggression issues, anxiety issues and a variety of other behaviour issues. It would be irresponsible of us to give advice in such cases without seeing your dog and his environment personally. (See Individual Training for these options).